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Our region of focus, Le Marche, (pronounced lay markay) is on the central Adriatic Coast of Italy.  You can see it in the highlighted area of our logo.

It has a moderate climate probably similar to Washington, DC.  Ideal times for going on walking tours and hiking are during the Spring and Fall. These seasons also allow for outdoor dining. For those who want to take advantage of our beaches, summer offers a stream of sunny days and the waters are quite comfortable for swimmers.

Winter daytime temperatures often range between 40-60° F (5-16° C).  There doesn’t exist a bad time to visit Le Marche, but at this time of year there will be less vegetation and heavier clothing will be required.  

When you’re ready to plan your trip, we’ll be sure to go over what kind of weather to expect and help you pick the best programs suited for the time of year of your visit.  For example, in winter we can even plan a snowshoe hike in the local mountains!

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