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Themed Boutique Tours

Our one day excursions

Our Excursions are private tours for small groups of 1-8 people covering historical, cultural, natural and culinary themes

How We Operate

Planning a trip to Italy? Come and spend a few days away from the crowds in the beautiful Le Marche (pronounced lay markay) region of Italy on its Central East Coast.

Our Excursions are themed private tours for small groups of 1-8 people.

Each Excursion covers one day of activity. Excursions have detailed itineraries and can be modified to suit our clients’ particular interests and preferences

Excursions include Ground Transportation, Italian Tour Guide, Fine Dining and Lodging.

Pick as many Excursions as you like.

Excursion IV is in Tivoli near Rome for those who may be arriving on a long flight or for anyone wanting to experience this spectacular ancient city.

Contact Us and let us know how True Colors of Italy can elevate your Italian experience with our Themed Boutique Excursions

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I was born into an Italian family and Italy always held a magical allure for us. For several years, my work brought me to Italy for extended periods of time. While doing business I would visit customers up and down the peninsula. It was so amazing that every small town, every hilltop had a unique history, landscape, and its own cultural identity. Unbeknownst to me at the time this was the first inspiration for True Colors of Italy.

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