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Why True Colors of Italy?

There are several reasons to choose True Colors of Italy for a unique and profound Italian experience.

I’m a dual national born in the U.S. to an Italian family with over 40 years experience of working and travelling in Italy. I have an American perspective that has been augmented by my time spent in Italy over this time span. That range of experience gives me an expanded capability to design tour Excursions to highlight the true charm of Italy away from crowded venues.

Our tours are where I live in the Le Marche Region (pronounced lay markay) on Italy’s central east coast.

True Colors of Italy is not a large travel agency with offices in Italy that produces industrial tours of famous landmarks. Nor are we an American travel agency that outsources tours to Italian guides and tour operators. I have personally developed each Excursion taking into account cultural and historical content, physical exertion, food selection and even the quality of bathroom facilities.

Our Excursions are “all in private tours for one to eight people”, but tailored to individual preferences. Each Excursion has a theme or multiple themes. Prior to booking, we review the content of the Excursions to see how it can be further tailored to your personal interests. Our staff includes certified Italian tour guides.

Included in our program is fine dining and lodging. Once again, to make it more personal to your preferences, we offer a variety of venues from street food to upscale dining and from a charming B&B to a luxury hotel.

My Italian business and personal travels have given me a wealth of information to share with our customers who will be visiting other areas of Italy as well. For our customers, we offer information and travel suggestions for other parts of Italy. True Colors of Italy does not receive any benefit, economic or otherwise, for any products and services we recommend for your visits to other parts of Italy.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist planning your next visit to Italy.