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about us

I was born into an Italian family and Italy always held a magical allure for us. For several years, my work brought me to Italy for extended periods of time. While doing business I would visit customers up and down the peninsula. It was so amazing that every small town, every hilltop had a unique history, landscape, and its own cultural identity.

In 2018 I retired as Managing Director of the U.S. Subsidiary of an Italian ink manufacturer for the fashion industry.

Immediately afterwards, I attended culinary school in San Benedetto del Tronto in central Italy on its East coast. It is such a charming area with incredibly diverse areas of interest. The vibrant beachside town is only 40 minutes from the Sibillini mountains as well as only 40 minutes from the center of Italian shoe manufacturing. Medieval towns, churches and fortresses are interspersed between local wineries and olive groves. The food is a culmination of art, history and flavor coming together.

After culinary school, I decided to move to San Benedetto del Tronto and as a personal project set out to learn as much as I could about the history, geography, food, and culture. Embarking on this project was the nascent idea for, True Colors of Italy, to share these experiences with fellow travelers.
In 1960 my grandfather sent a letter to my sister from his native Sicily and said, “one roams through Italy in a harmony of colors”. I never saw his letter until after I penned the name, “True Colors of Italy,” but there is obviously a connection between the two of us and the country we are describing.

True Colors of Italy focuses on this enchanting section of Italy that is far off from the traditional touring areas. We have a variety of one day Excursions covering different topics and activities that are dedicated to the traveler who wants to feel and understand this country a little deeper. Various themes of the Excursions are historical, cultural, culinary and nature. I have devised each Excursion with the help of our local team insuring content, safety and even restroom availability.

Fred Macaluso – Founder