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Italy has a very diversified coffee menu. A caffè is simply an espresso. It is taken for breakfast, for a break at any time during the day and often enjoyed at the end of a meal. Almost everyone’s favorite Italian coffee is a cappuccino. It’s a blend of espresso coffee with steamed milk. It’s also available in most places with soy milk. A typical Italian breakfast is a cappuccino with a cornetto (croissant).


It used to be that cappuccino was only drunk in the morning.  Now it’s consumed at any time;  however, it’s unlikely an Italian would order one after a meal. Not because of any taboo, but the concept of a large drink after eating is not appealing to most Italians.

Another popular coffee is a stained coffee (caffè macchiato).  This is an espresso with a dash of milk that can be plain or steamed. As a coffee alternative you can order a caffè d’orzo which is an infusion of toasted barley.

If you’d like a more American style coffee, there is a caffè lungo (long coffee) which is a diluted espresso.

There is also something a little richer – caffè affogato. A caffè affogato (drowned coffee) is usually a double espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and often further accompanied with amaretto.

Whatever you would like in a coffee, Italy has it and all versions are widely available decaffeinated. 


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