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Local Flavor, Rich Tradition


Italy is regional. Each area has its own cuisine, culture and dialect. Eating is an expression of local food availability and local custom coming together. The coast off our home base, San Benedetto del Tronto, has a rich ecosystem of Adriatic sea wildlife that is now being diligently controlled to ensure that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

Where does a family from the neighborhood go when they want to enjoy an exquisite dinner of fresh fish prepared in local tradition: Ristorante Torpedine. Owner and master chef Massimo will be pleased to introduce you to a variety of terrific seafood caught just off the coast. He insists on absolute freshness.

Fred taking a selfie with Massimo and Juri

We suggest starting off with a diversified selection of both hot and chilled antipasti (appetizers). Included will be some unique shellfish to the area such as cannocchia and cicala as well as some familiar offerings of shrimp and mackerel.

You can then proceed to a pasta dish with claims or maybe try the San Benedetto Soup (Brodo Sambenedettese) which is a harmonious blend of fresh caught fish, vegetables and spices.

Ristorante Torpedine will satisfy your hunger for local authenticity along with your hunger for a delightful meal.