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Street Food


The term “street food” is relatively new, but the concept has been going on for millennia. Once people began living in cities, eating on the go became part of the landscape. Street food is a little more complex than what we see on the surface. It usually entails several of the following elements: ready available types of food known to the local community, inexpensive, prepared in a way familiar with locals and of course tasty.

Welcome to Olio in San Benedetto del Tronto where you’ll meet Andrea who has been serving local diners since 2011. He operates in a small hut between the fishing port and the city center. This gives him access to fresh fish as it comes in right off the boat and to the working community in town.

Previously at the same location was a take away restaurant serving fans going to see soccer games at the nearby stadium. It came time for the owner to sell and as Andrea recounts the story, “While passing by a light went off in my head.” He thought how about some tasty, affordable seafood to offer to young people on the go.

He hits all the requirements for successful street food. He buys directly from the port where the fresh fish is brought in almost daily. As a fishing town it is of course well known to the community and relatively inexpensive. Usually Italian food is prepared with healthy fresh ingredients, but almost every Italian living on the coast can’t resist a plate of fried fish.

People come from all over to taste Andrea’s fried fish and hang out on the benches and eat off the barrel tops adjacent to the hut.

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