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Excursion VII
Geological + Massage and Spa Grotte di Frassassi

Grotte di Frasassi

Welcome to the largest grotto in all of Europe. This is a huge cavern the size of a city block. Over the millennium it has created these amazing figurines (stalagmites) with individual drops of water that have seeped through the sulfuric crevices fed by the Sentino River.

It’s estimated that these caverns were created approximately 1.4 million years ago by geological shifts and divergent water temperatures from nearby tributaries and the water began dripping in.

If you picture yourselves in these caverns, it is nothing compared to the reality of being enclosed in this natural wonder.

Program Details

Our Excursion VII begins in San Benedetto where we’ll depart at 8:00AM and take one of two routes. There is the coastal route north where we eventually turn inland; or the directly inland route which follows provincial mountain roads. The trip takes between one and a half to two and a half hours depending on which route is taken.

Once we arrive in the nearby hamlet of San Vittore we’ll stop for a cappuccino and break. The coffee shop has a small terrace overlooking a Roman bridge and tower at the edge of the Sentino River.

Now it’s time for our splendid tour through the Grotte di Frasassi. The guide will explain how they were formed and just as interesting is how they were discovered by accident only about 60 years ago.

Our next stop will be Le Grotte Hotel & Spa. This is the only Excursion in Le Marche where we spend the night away from the San Benedetto area. After checking in you will be treated to a massage that will include Prosecco and Aperitivo.

Later in the day you can relax at the hotel and pool, or we can visit some of the other nearby attractions.

After breakfast the following morning we’ll return to San Benedetto; or, if you will be going to other destinations in Italy, we can assist with your transportation.

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