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Excursion VI
Nature Sailing from the Port of Numana

Italy has a beautiful and varied coastline, and the Conero Riviera is one of its most safely-guarded jewels. And there is no better way to enjoy this dramatic white and green promontory, towering over a turquoise sea, than from a sailboat. True Colors of Italy offers an exclusive excursion hosted by DonMar Sailing in an epoch wooden sailboat, departing from the charming port of Numana.

We’ll take a scenic drive about 40 minutes up the Adriatic coast to Numana. There we’ll have a cappuccino and meet our captain and host, Fabio. His sailboat, entirely hand-built in Numana, has been in his family for over 50 years, and it has sailed through every nook and cranny of the Adriatic sea.

The tour can be timed for your convenience, but usually the best sailing water is in the morning. We’ll set sail from Numana and follow its white rock coastline heading north, passing by all the beaches and coves of the Conero Riviera up to the end of the Portonovo bay. We normally calculate for about three and a half hours of sailing, but this of course can be tailored to your preferences.

On board you will be able to sit and relax, enjoying the scenery and browsing a collection of old pictures of the area, while Fabio points out areas of naturalistic interest or of historical significance.

We’ll of course have on hand a bottle of regional Prosecco, local artisanal beers and some Italian specialties. The menu will be discussed beforehand, but selections will include local cheeses, prosciutto and salami, vegetables and a favorite native dish, olive ascolane (stuffed olives).

Depending on the season and conditions, we can stop in the most charming spots for swimming or snorkeling. And if you would like to participate in sailing a traditionally-rigged sailboat, Fabio can get you involved.

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