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Excursion V
Culinary – Accademia Chefs, Scuola di Alta Cucina

Would you like to learn how to prepare some Italian specialties from a certified Italian chef? True Colors of Italy has partnered with the accredited culinary institute, Accademia Chefs to do just that.

Accademia Chefs offers formal preparation programs from entry level through advanced training covering traditional and modern Italian cuisine. Included are all related subjects of wine pairing, hygiene and history. Chefs trained at the Accademia practice their skills at the most prestigious restaurants in the Riviera of Palms and beyond.

Our Excursion will be a privately scheduled session for an afternoon in the kitchen laboratory. Each participant will have His/Her own work station, stove and utensils. One of the Accademia Chef instructors will guide the session with a translator.

The culinary lessons can be suited to your personal interests. We can take the mystery out of risotto and show you how to prepare this exquisite dish in five easy steps. How about some of the Italian classics we see in restaurants such as carbonara, puttanesca, amatriciana and cacio e pepe. All these dishes have two things in common: they’re extremely tasty as well as being extremely easy to prepare.

Have something else in mind? No problem, just let us know.

Our chef will also be available to discuss wine pairing with these dishes and any other aspect of Italian cuisine.

Afterwards we’ll sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor

What about the morning prior to the cooking lesson? We can visit the town center, go to the pier, take a walk along the seaside or simply relax

San Benedetto del Tronto town center

Molo Sud Southern Pier

Lungomare beach walkway

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