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Excursion IV
Tivoli – Historical, Cultural


Adrian’s Villa
Our primary theme is to offer colorful excursions in the Le Marche region of Italy on the Adriatic Coast, but we couldn’t resist offering Tivoli since it’s on the way from Rome. For those arriving on an international flight or for those already visiting Rome, we will transport you to this gem whose history goes back to 1215 BC when it was settled by the Greeks and then Etruscans.

Adrian’s Villa

However, it was the Romans who put Tivoli on the map. Due to its beauty, cooler climate and thermal springs it became a Roman resort for the rulers and social elites. The most famous Roman complex is Adrian’s Villa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 120 AD, Adrian’s Villa is a complex of more than 30 buildings, fountains, gardens and statues with many still standing today.

Fountain from the Courtyard

Completely intact is one of the most remarkable villas of the Renaissance, Villa d’Este, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The construction of Villa D’Este was ordered by Cardinal Ipppolito II dEste in 1550. He had been named governor of Tivoli and wanted a palace to reflect his new status. The villa is filled with art and adorned with extraordinary terraces of fountains and pools.

Fountain from The Courtyard

Ceiling Fesco

Ceiling Fresco

Ceiling Fresco from the Second Tiburtine Hall of Villa d’Este.

Residenze Gregoriane

Residenze Gregoriane, the hotel where you will be staying is also a historical building and directly related to Cardinal d’Este, who purchased and renovated the building for his lover. All the rooms and courtyard are from epoch periods and many contain original frescoes and statues.

Residenze Gregoriane

Residenze Gregoriane

The excursion to Tivoli is as follows:

– Pickup at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport for a 40-minute ride to Tivoli
– Check-in at Residenze Gregoriane
– Guided tour of Villa d’Este at 3:00pm (after you have rested) that will last approximately one and a half to two hours
– After the tour a stop at a local bar (coffee shop) for a coffee and/or aperitif and possibly a snack
– Dinner will be at Sibilla Ristorante (a 10-minute walk from the hotel) at approximately 730pm

Sibilla Ristorante

Sibilla Ristorante sits on the edge of the gorge overlooking the Aniene river right next to the Roman ruins, the Temple of the Sybil.

Please note that the itinerary can be customized according to your preference of time and depending on availability.

The following morning you can rest or we will be happy to arrange a guided tour of Adrian’s Villa. If on the other hand you feel like a walk along a nature trail amongst Roman ruins, we can visit Villa Gregoriana.

After that you will be taken to our home base in Le Marche.

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