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Excursion II
Nature, Hiking, Culinary

Cascata della Prata, Umito, Italy
Are you an outdoor hiking enthusiast? This is for you!


Scenic drive from San Benedetto del Tronto to the Apennine Mountains. Hiking along a mountain stream. Length and duration to be determined by our guests wishes.
Lunch at a local Agriturismo restaurant.

Let’s begin in the morning with a scenic drive from the seaside coast of San Benedetto del Tronto. In less than an hour we find ourselves on narrow roads winding their way through the Monti di Laga region in the Apennine Mountain chain that runs through the middle of Italy.

Arrive in the town of Umito where our hike begins. In Umito we follow a wooded mountain trail along a stream to a beautiful waterfall. This is the same mule trail used throughout Italian history until the early twentieth century that connected the towns in the Monte di Laga region.

After approximately 2 miles and an ascent of 2000 feet we will arrive at Cascata della Prata. For those looking for a more relaxed excursion how high or far they go is their choice.

For hikers looking for something more challenging we can continue to yet another waterfall further up the mountain, Cascata della Volpara.

Here are some of the views from the trail:

Our hike ends at our starting point, and if you worked up an appetite, it ends at the right place. Upon our return to the starting point of the trail we have lunch at the Agriturismo Laga Nord restaurant. Agriturismo is an Italian classification given to farms that meet a series of historic and culinary standards. The structure must be from a certain period, food and beverage has to be produced on the farm or sourced locally and recipes must be from traditional dishes.

After lunch we return to San Benedetto.

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